Monday, November 7, 2011

This Rain

This rain is a downpour.
It drops cats and dogs.
The mice scurry to the pig’s sty.
The gander ogles at the rooster’s droppings.

This rain is an exodus.
Curses dart across the sky,
And immortalize those gluttonous politicians
One tribe makes the bow, another makes the arrows.

This rain is noisy.
The noise is lethal.
Riotous rounds of ammunition are dispersed.
The bushman finds solace in the Eskimo’s igloo.

This rain is colourless.
Yet, this flood is blood
As cadavers sail in untimely exit,
The veil of empathy shrouds the racial disparity.

This rain is human,
Orchestrated via testicular technicalities
The dialect may be different,
After all, the body language is one.

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