Thursday, October 1, 2015

I have too many Scars…A 55 year old mom writes!

How would you react if I said I had 55 scars all over my body? Scars in places you can see and you can’t see. Lol. Ok! I don’t have 55 scars but I do have many scars. Trust me. You know how it feels when you don’t ever seem to grow up in the eyes of your parents and they ‘cage’ you. The moment they set you free, you flyyyyyyyyy. Like you’ve never seen fresh air. You will glide and tumble and roll in pain but you won’t mind the pain. The pain is better than the cage. You will learn from that pain. #Sigh. I did.

I didn’t move out of my parent’s apartment. They did. They moved out of mine. Don’t think too hard. It’s our tradition. When children grow to a certain age, parents move out of the house and leave it to the eldest child to control. Fortunately, for me, I had no nuclear siblings. I was the only child. As my parents moved out of the home, I became excited. I had too many admirers. I invited them over. Men. Some stayed the night at my place. Others stayed nightsssssss and didn’t want to leave. SMH. Men! Some of them just want to take advantage of a naïve young lady just because her father is a rich man. Hmmm. I have learnt a lot. In between the affairs, I got pregnant. It broke me. I was at war with myself, my emotions. I gave birth to triplets. No one was there to claim the children. Growing up with these kids was not easy. Trying to make them love one another. I have watched them laugh and cry together. They fight more often than they unite. Sometimes, they come to me asking if I’m their mother. Other times they are asking if they are related siblings. You won’t understand this if you’ve never had such experience. Bearing the weight of three kids (who now have children), a broken heart and a family inheritance that is almost inexhaustible, I have survived a lot. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

See my grandkids now (with focus the girls), Chioma, Blessing, Chimamanda, Falilat, Mosunmola (to mention a few); they are doing very well. I am proud of them. What of the boys? Phil bagged some awards abroad. Wole is in a world of his own. Attahiru is admired by his peers. Am I not a blessed woman?

Make I leave Tori for tortoise. I found love recently. Yes! Even old women can fall in love. Some of my kids have found out. His name starts with B! Good luck if you know him. I am happy with my choice. I want you to be happy for me and wish me well.

Like I said, I have scars. They are innumerable. But with scars come experience. I am more knowledgeable than I was 55 years ago. I am a champion (even if you don’t tell me). I deserve one of #TheWAwards (even if you don’t nominate me). Things can only get better.

I won’t be sharing my too much about myself on a public blog. I’ve learnt people do not verify information. They copy and paste. Dem say… dem say. That Naija factor. Besides what is Naija. What dictionary was it coined? Can Edelokun be the same as Edek? No, never.

My parents did not christen me ‘Naija’ at birth. #IAmNigeria

Long Live I. Long live you too.

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